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As the only Labour Gain in 2019 let’s face it: Putney is a bit of an embarrassment!

Putney Sole Labour Gain

Putney Labour Gain. Three words on an otherwise fantastic night that ought to chill the local Conservative party to the bone.

It is incredibly frustrating for me as someone who is a passionate supporter and member of my local Conservative party. We used to be great at campaigning – what has often been referred to as the ‘Wandsworth Way’ of doing things.

A campaign machine which made its own weather now blows like a reed in the wind.

Some will say this is overblown, that it’s mere hyperbole and that there is nothing we could have done to hold back the red tide.

I think it does show a worrying pattern and there is more on that at the very end in terms of the repeated failures. That’s why I have written this blog. We can be sure the Labour Party are already thinking about what they got right – read this blog post from them.

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Heathrow Expansion: it’s doomed before take-off


I have to begin with a confession. I use Heathrow at least once a week and have done so for the last 6 years. I can’t even being to recall the number of times that I’ve circled the skies above the airport or been delayed at either take-off or landing by a late running service. So I ought to be a natural champion of the expansion plans.  Except for one thing: I live in Putney and I’m one of the 725,000 people who is currently affected by the airport. Continue reading Heathrow Expansion: it’s doomed before take-off

Can Tooting turn Blue?


It would be an iconic sight to see Tooting, home of Citizen Smith, captured by the Conservative party. Corbyn supporters would find it very difficult to explain how a message which didn’t work in Tooting had any chance of being successful in the dozens of marginals he needs to win outside London – in areas like the Midlands. Young, metropolitan and diverse, this ought to be a seat Labour can hold.

The Merton & Wandsworth GLA constituency seat won for the first time by Labour’s Leonie Cooper strengthens that argument. Even in the dark days of William Hague Continue reading Can Tooting turn Blue?