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Why London ought to get its own artistic treat for Christmas 2018


Visiting Milan has become a family tradition over the last couple of years as my wife Alessandra and I make the most of being in Italy over the Christmas Break.

One Milanese tradition I wish London Mayor Sadiq Khan would import is to be found at Palazzo Marino. It’s the seat of government very much like our own City Hall though with a more familiar grand palazzo feel.

Each year they get one artistic masterpiece and put it on display. It’s free to go and see and it’s used as an opportunity to provide the art loving public with the chance to see something they wouldn’t otherwise. Continue reading Why London ought to get its own artistic treat for Christmas 2018

Can Tooting turn Blue?


It would be an iconic sight to see Tooting, home of Citizen Smith, captured by the Conservative party. Corbyn supporters would find it very difficult to explain how a message which didn’t work in Tooting had any chance of being successful in the dozens of marginals he needs to win outside London – in areas like the Midlands. Young, metropolitan and diverse, this ought to be a seat Labour can hold.

The Merton & Wandsworth GLA constituency seat won for the first time by Labour’s Leonie Cooper strengthens that argument. Even in the dark days of William Hague Continue reading Can Tooting turn Blue?